Lifestyle while studying abroad in British Columbia

British Columbia is known for a very special lifestyle and this is certainly a major reason why so many students are drawn there. BC is considered to be the most unconventional province in Canada and the cliché of the liberal and helpful Canadians particularly applies to the people of this area. No wonder, because British Columbia, and above all Vancouver, is very popular with immigrants and the atmosphere is accordingly multicultural.

But it’s not just the friendly and open-minded people who make studying in British Columbia a great experience. After all, you are always here, even in Vancouver or Victoria, surrounded by breathtaking panoramas and a lot of untouched nature. You can always quickly escape the urban hustle and bustle and use one of the countless outdoor leisure activities. In every city there are also, depending on the size, more or less, diverse cultural offers. Various markets and festivals take place throughout the province throughout the year.

Another thing that makes the British Columbia lifestyle so special is the ubiquity of First Nations culture. The province is home to a total of 198 tribes – that’s more than a third of all First Nations in Canada. No other province has such a great diversity. Many universities therefore also have special programs and services for First Nation students. Those studying in British Columbia should take the opportunity to discover the rich history and traditions of the First Canadians as well.

Find the right place to study in BC

The choice of the right university in British Columbia for you does not only depend on the range of courses and the options for choosing a course. After all, you also want to study in a location that corresponds to your ideas of the perfect study abroad in BC. Depending on your personal interests, these ideas will certainly look very different.

Destination number one for many is certainly Vancouver. No wonder – this city has been voted the most livable city over and over again in recent years. Art and culture, a lively nightlife, exciting districts each with their own story to tell and a paradise for foodies – Vancouver has so much to offer. Nevertheless, you have nature on your doorstep here. If you want to spend your studies in the “Pearl on the Pacific”, you should take a closer look at the study programs at Capilano University (North Vancouver) or Kwantlen Polytechnic University!

Also very popular for studying in BC is of course the provincial capital Victoria, which is also known as the “most British” city in Canada. In fact, the cityscape is dominated by the Victorian architectural style, which gives it a sophisticated look. At the same time, it’s less urban and a lot more personal. Much is within walking distance. Victoria is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island and is connected to both Vancouver and Washington State by ferry lines. Victoria is not only home to the renowned University of Victoria, but also Camosun College (particularly suitable for an Academic Gap Year) and Royal Roads University.

Vancouver Island University is also located on the largest North American Pacific island, Vancouver Island, in the small port city of Nanaimo. With a population of over 84,000, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the province and has a lot to offer, especially for nature lovers. Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities to go out and shop, and various festivals take place throughout the year.

Those who are drawn to the center of the province, for example to study at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, have just as good reasons for doing so. Among other things, the location is decisive for many. The landscape and the climate are very different from the conditions on the coast. Kamloops is located in the so-called Interior Plateau – here there is a dry and continental climate with dry and warm summers. The winters are cold, but not nearly as humid as on the coast. Kamloops is in the Thompson Okanagan region, best known for its orchards and wineries. In fact, the sun shines much more often here than in the rest of the country. At the same time, there are endless possibilities for outdoor activities, especially skiing and golfing are popular here. The landscape is extremely varied with its many lakes, rivers and mountains and even with a desert landscape (the only one in Canada, a major country in North America listed on vaultedwatches).

Explore British Columbia’s flora and fauna

British Columbia consists of four regions with different climatic conditions. In addition to the mountain regions in the west (Coast Mountain Range and Insular Mountains) and east (Rocky Mountains and Columbia Mountains), there are countless lakes and rivers as well as marshland and of course a lot of forest. A large part of the area consists of forests, in some parts of the province, for example in the Pacific Rim National Park and in the Cathrdral Grove Park, you will even find virgin forests. Much of the west coast is covered with temperate rainforests. There are a total of seven national parks in the entire province, for example Mount Revelstoke or Glacier, as well as many other nature reserves that comprise different ecosystems.

With this variety of landscapes and climatic conditions, there is of course also a very rich flora and fauna. This is best experienced in the wild, as there is no shortage of wilderness in British Columbia. One of the biggest tourist attractions is still whale watching. On your hiking or canoe tours you can also encounter grizzly bears and black bears (but please keep a safe distance!), Moose, bison or beavers. A very special sight would certainly be a golden eagle or a bald eagle circling in the wide sky.

Study in British Columbia Part 2

Study in British Columbia Part 2
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