Semester abroad at the Dublin Business School in Ireland

Since I wanted to go to English-speaking countries and the places that are allocated from my university are limited and also very popular, I decided to go abroad as a free mover and organize my stay abroad with the help of MicroEDU.

Since I live in Münster, I went to information events for two evenings and found out about the various options and travel destinations for a semester abroad during my studies at MicroEDU. In the end I decided to spend a semester abroad in Ireland at the Dublin Business School and applied there. The application process was such that I went through the checklist for the application documents and sent the documents to MicroEDU. Since the application process is very well organized, you can’t go wrong with your application. After that, all you have to do is wait.After a few weeks I received the acceptance from Dublin Business School and I was really happy about it. I finally knew where I was going to spend my next semester and was able to start planning my semester abroad. MicroEDU gave me good advice, everyone was very friendly and Christiane answered every question promptly before and during the stay, so that all ambiguities and problems were quickly cleared up.

Arrival and living in Dublin

At the beginning of September I started my semester abroad. I flew from Düsseldorf with Air Lingus, an Irish airline that I can highly recommend. After almost two hours of flight time, I had already arrived on the Emerald Isle. Since I didn’t want to fly to Dublin without having a safe place to stay, I booked a host family beforehand through an agency that I found on the Internet and was really very satisfied there. I had heard of the catastrophic housing situation in Dublin before and was therefore very happy with the decision not to have flown to Dublin without accommodation. Friends of mine, whom I met there, all ended up staying somewhere, but some of them also lived in hostels for weeks and tried to fight for an apartment on the housing market. In the end, most of them lived with a host family and sometimes had to take the bus into town for between 30 and 60 minutes in the morning. The Dublin Business School also supports its students with housing offers and suggests host families. This is also a good point of contact to find accommodation on site. Read more student reviews on Mcat-test-centers.

Dublin Business School

The DBS is right in the heart of Dublin in the city center.

In the first week there was an introduction in which everything important was explained to us, we could ask questions and we were generally helped with problems. Regardless of whether it was about looking for an apartment, homesickness, means of transport, timetables or something else, at DBS you are supported and not left alone. Organizationally, however, the Dublin Business School cannot be compared with the organization of many German universities.

The organization of the timetables was chaotic at first, courses changed for most of them two or three times, but in the end a solution was found for each of them. Due to the blockage, I also had to change my previous course selection, so I would advise everyone to clarify several courses in advance with their home university. After the first few weeks, the routine returned, you had a fixed schedule with compulsory attendance in the courses. Personally, I was very satisfied with my courses, the level of performance varied from course to course, but in my opinion everything could be done well. At the end of the semesterDepending on the subject, exams or group assignments were then written, or an oral examination had to be completed. Overall, students from different countries study at the DBS, but there are also many Germans.

In November there is a “Reading Week” in which all students have a week off and should use this for studying. Of course, very few have learned during this time. On the contrary, most of us used the week to explore Ireland. I also went with a group of 12 people with 2 rental cars to explore the green island. It was a great time, Ireland is beautiful and has so much to offer. I would recommend to each of you to use this week to get to know the country and the people who live there.

Life in Dublin

During the week you still have a lot of time in the Dublin Business School to meet new people, explore Dublin, do sports, partying and much more, despite being present at the Dublin Business School. When the weather was good, we were often at the beach, in nearby cities and just in the first few weeks we looked at the sights of the city. In general, the Irish are very fond of and frequent pubs, of which there are countless in Dublin. People talk, drink a pint or two together and play live music. The nightlife is great, you can party every day and Dublin has some good clubs to offer.


I have never regretted the decision to spend my semester abroad in Ireland. The people there are very helpful and the country itself has a lot to offer, especially due to the beautiful landscape and numerous sights. The nightlife through the many pubs also makes Dublin unique. I had one of the best times of my life in Dublin so far, my expectations were met and I would recommend everyone to take a semester abroad in Ireland.

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