Application process

Thanks to the really helpful MicroEDU (MicroEDU) staff, the application process was very straightforward. The required formalities were forwarded directly to Ireland by MicroEDU, so that we hardly had to worry about anything. In addition to the standard documents, you need a TOEFL, Cambridge or similar English test with a certain result, but the MicroEDU people can tell you more about this.

The Dublin Business School (DBS) is very international, so unfortunately you only get to know a few Irish people, but all the more students from all over the world. The responsible persons and lecturers are actually all very helpful, committed and eager to get the students involved. The premises are modern and centrally located in various locations in the city center. There is no cafeteria, but there is a very nice cafeteria with delicious cappuccino and hot chicken wraps. In my experience, it can unfortunately happen that originally planned courses are unfortunately not offered after all, so you should definitely have plan B and C.

Occupied courses

I took four courses that semester.
International Management is a compulsory course for all MBA students and accordingly international and with many participants. In my opinion, the content was unfortunately only halfway interesting, as the subject turned out to be more of an international economics. However, the exam was easy to manage.
Integrated Marketing Communications in a Digital Age is also an MBA course that is very interesting for anyone who is somehow interested in marketing. For example, we had to create a communication campaign for a product of our choice.
Marketing Analysis is a course from the Master of Management Practice. The number of participants is smaller here (approx. 20). The content is also very interesting and the exam was a presentation on a marketing case study.
The last of my subjects was Strategic Management and Leadership, also from the Management Practice Master. This subject cost the most effort and nerves, but it was still fun and I almost think this is where I learned the most.
Overall, all four lecturers from my four subjects were very personable and supported us wherever they could.

On-site support

The on-site support was good in and of itself, as contact persons were available at all times who did what they could to support us and clarify problems. Due to the large number of exchange students, however, they were often a bit overwhelmed and took longer to answer e-mails and the like. Overall, however, everything went well.

English course

It is possible to take an English course from DBS free of charge 2 or 3 weeks before the start of your studies. If you don’t expect to learn a lot / new things there, you can do that well. I took the 2-week course myself and of course we always spoke English, but hardly did any exercises and the course only lasted 3 hours a day and was usually even shortened. Instead we got to know the library, for example, or we were told something else about the DBS. On the other hand, I got to know the people there with whom I did the most things over the months, and I think that was the case for most of them. It is therefore advisable to take part. And after all, learning less and doing tasks also means more free time,

Accommodation search

First of all, I can only say: think about it in good time and take care of it in advance! I myself found a room at Vivahouse Dublin via the internet. These are decent landlords who take good care of themselves and are serious. The prices for rooms are always very high, as is the case with them. Of course, you can always be lucky and get a cheaper room from private. In any case, I rented the room from Germany without being seen, which is certainly a risk, but I also got to know various other students who stayed in the hostel for weeks and sometimes the whole semester because they couldn’t find a room. So if you don’t want to rent “blind” you should arrive early or even earlier for a weekend to view the apartment. The rental prices vary a lot from around € 300-350 up to € 700 for a room or a mini apartment. I myself paid € 550 for 9 square meters.
Then there is the rumor that it is more dangerous on the north side of the River Liffey than on the south side, which I, as a north side resident, cannot confirm at all. In a metropolis and capital like Dublin, something can always happen and everything I’ve heard has happened even in the south. So it is important to be generally cautious and it is best not to go home alone (which I always did because nobody lived near me).

Leisure / excursion possibilities

Dublin is the perfect starting point to travel all over Ireland, which you should definitely do !!! Whether to Cork, Galway or Belfast, there were regular and very inexpensive buses ( and trains ( There are also organized excursions, for example to the Cliffs of Moher (wonderful, you definitely have to go there), to the Ring of Kerry (it is best to rent a car there with several people and drive there) and to many other wonderful natural destinations. What is also very nice is that the Howth Peninsula is less than half an hour by train from Dublin, which is a nice destination, especially for visits that you might get, and where you can hike a bit over cliffs on the Irish Sea. The Wicklow Mountains, which are the best to climb, are also great.

Dublin itself of course also offers a colorful mix of the infinite number of pubs, bars, clubs, shopping opportunities, theaters, cinemas, etc. In order not to get poor straight away, one should not necessarily go to the pub in Temple Bar (there the pint costs approx. 6 €), but rather a little bit outside (where the pint only costs 4 €). There is live music almost all day in the pubs and on the streets.

Anything else about the Irish

In general, the Irish are the friendliest and most helpful people I’ve come across. On the first day, when I was a little helpless on the way from the airport to my apartment, I was asked on my own if someone could help me, which quickly led me to my goal. Even so, you can always have a nice chat with the Irish in the pub, they like to joke, drink a lot and prefer to watch hurling, Gaelic football and rugby. Read more student reviews on Educationvv.

In addition to driving on the left, you only have to pay attention to the fact that you are allowed to go through the traffic light when it is red – even the police officers (Garda) do that regularly.

Overall, the time in Dublin was really great and I don’t want to miss it. I got to know a lot of interesting and lovely people, saw beautiful places and of course also learned a lot at DBS. Just let yourself be enchanted by the green island with its lovable inhabitants.

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