Dublin as a city

Dublin has a very mild climate and therefore it is often warmer than in Germany.
Even if Ireland is subject to the bad weather cliché, I could not record any excessively wet or bad weather during my time and December also remained snowless and mild.
To be on the safe side, you should always have an umbrella with you, as the weather often changes so it can rain in the morning and the sun shine again a few minutes later.

The center of Dublin is crossed by the River Liffey. South of the Liffey there are many pubs, restaurants and clubs better known as the Tempelbar Area. (My favorites were: The Auld Dubliner with a great atmosphere and good live music and the Fritz Simons Bar, which was always busy at the weekend). The Dublin Business School is located about 5 minutes from the Tempelbar Area.

In Dublin everything is relatively centrally located and, above all, within walking distance, which is useful as bus tickets are relatively expensive. I hardly used the bus during my time as I lived in Dublin 1 which was about 30 minutes from the DBS (on foot) and 10 minutes from the center.

In my opinion, however, you shouldn’t miss a trip on a double-decker bus in left-hand traffic – only have enough change with you, as you won’t get any change on the bus.

In addition to the buses, there is also the DART (a kind of train) and the Luas (tram) to move in and out of the city.
There is a lot to see in Dublin and outside of Dublin as well. Especially recommended are Malahide (a small coastal town with sand dunes) and Howth (a small port where seals greet you in port). These places can be easily reached with the DART and are not far from Dublin (one-way trip approx. 2.5 €). Read more student reviews on Iamaccepted.

But what I liked most about Dublin was the nonchalance and hospitality of the Irish, whether at DBS or in everyday life.

The DBS has a lot to offer! Before the beginning of the semester, we were offered a 2-week language course in which we were allowed to participate free of charge. During the semester, the DBS organized excursions that you could take part in for a little money (e.g. Causey Farm, Galway weekend, dog races, Belfast, etc.)

In addition to excursions and language courses, there was a wide range of courses. All of the teachers I got to know were very professional and friendly and placed great emphasis on group work in their “assignments”. I was able to take all courses that I wanted to take without any problems, which was very positive.

The DBS secretaries and the International Office were always friendly and helpful, both before and during my time at DBS. So I felt very comfortable at DBS.

Even if the DBS was sometimes unorganized (e.g. when the submission dates of the assignments were announced; only for the one-semester students), the time at the DBS was consistently positive – you quickly made friends and met a lot of nice people.

Dublin nightlife

The Erasmus themed parties are definitely to be recommended! Because these were always well attended and, in contrast to other clubs, much cheaper because there were student specials.

Dublin Housing / Living

Dublin is quite expensive so here are a few tips:

If possible, you should look around early for a place to stay and not wait until you are on site, this simplifies the start and avoids unnecessary stress and unfortunately I speak from experience. Renting double rooms is much cheaper than single rooms, so always choose a double room if possible. The apartments and houses in Dublin are often not modernized and insulated, so take a close look at the rooms beforehand, but don’t expect too much as we are not in Germany.

I lived in Dublin 1 (30 mins walk from the DBS), this area is a little cheaper than Dublin 2, which is where the DBS is located. Internet and electricity bills are often calculated separately in addition to the rental price and a deposit of at least 1 rent is also common in Dublin.
I paid 440 € per month for my room that I shared with a friend (with a bathroom and kitchen that was shared with another person).

Grocery shopping in Dublin can get very expensive, so during my time in Dublin I mainly shopped at LIDL or ALDI. There the food prices are the same or slightly higher than in Germany

For shopping I recommend the IlAC or Jervis shopping center.

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