A semester abroad in Dublin at DBS can really be recommended to everyone. MicroEDU takes care of all organizational work and therefore it is really easy to apply and start the semester abroad in no time. I will abbreviate the report into three categories: Dublin / Ireland, the DBS and a conclusion.

Dublin / Ireland:

Dublin is a very busy, international city. There are especially many young people and students in the city. The most famous face of the city is certainly the pub culture and it really has to be said that 90 percent of Dublin is pub culture. There are tons of pubs in Dublin that are either modern or quaint. There is always a chance to meet for a beer and watch football. Those who enjoy doing this will feel right at home in the city. The only downside is certainly that the price for a pint of beer is usually between 5-6 euros. If you order a pitcher in a sports bar, with luck you will get 4 euros for a beer. But if you have a beer in the Temple Bar District, you have to expect 6-8 euros. In the course of the evening, the prices in the pubs of the Temple Bar District rise again at late hours. So after a short time you learn to go to pubs outside of this district, where there are an incredible number of tourists every day. The pubs in the Temple Bar District have live music every day, but you can find many other pubs that offer it too. You can also go out to party in Dublin, but you notice early on that pubs are increasingly popular in Dublin.

However, Dublin is generally a rather expensive city and you have to pay 600-1000 euros for maintenance, depending on how often you are on the road. But there is also the possibility to go to Lidl and Aldi, here you can find similar prices as in Germany and it helps to save a bit. The housing market in Dublin really is not to be underestimated. There has been a real estate crisis for years as the demand for advertisements is much greater than the supply. So get an apartment early enough, but the market is also very spontaneous and you have to be a little lucky. In the meantime, however, a large number of student dormitories have also been built. The prices within the city are still very high. For a month’s rent you have to reckon with 600-1000 euros, depending on how close or modern the apartment is. Due to the high demand, the standards are not high everywhere. Read more student reviews on Maternityetchic.

You can eat very differently in Dublin, which is certainly also due to the fact that the city ​​is so international. So there are a lot of options to eat and the price varies a lot. But you can also get a meal or a good snack for 5-10 euros.

Dublin has its charm and there is a lot to do outside of Dublin. For example, you can hike to Bray or Howth or rent a car at a reasonable price. Bus tours are also offered for some of the main attractions such as the Cliffs of Moher etc.

In terms of transport, it has to be said that the bicycle is almost the best means of transport in the city. With Dublin Bikes you pay 25 euros for the whole year and can go from station to station within half an hour. The LUAS is kind of like an S-Bahn and also serves stations that are a bit out of the way. Basically, Dublin is also within walking distance and more pleasant than taking a bus. It is very difficult to get around the city center with a car as there is a lot of traffic, especially at rush hour.


The DBS is a very international university. Many different nations and cultures are represented. But there are definitely also a lot of German students there. The degree of difficulty of the pure study is less than that in Germany. The focus is very much on the independent writing of essays and group work. Personally, I found the system quite pleasant and a change compared to what I was used to from Germany. I felt that you could improve the language so very wellcan. At the DBS there is a system in which you can check in with your student card for every course. However, the presence does not affect the grade and is ultimately used for your own control. The DBS goes to great lengths to organize and offer as many leisure activities as possible. There are cross offered by Ireland trips or parties organized. The range of clubs and sports clubs is large. Many sports have training and games against other colleges every week and it’s definitely fun to participate.


I can really recommend everyone to do a semester abroad in Dublin. I thought the semester was an extraordinary experience and the city definitely ensures that you never get bored. The city has its price, but in my opinion it is perfect for a semester abroad. I met a lot of new people and had a great time.

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