The official language is Arabic, but African languages ​​and English are also spoken as the language of education.

Public Holidays

01/01/2022 Independence Day

01/07/2022 Coptic Christmas Day

04/24/2022 Coptic Easter

05/01/2022 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

06/30/2022 day of the revolution

07/09/2022 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)

07/30/2022 islamic new year festival

10/09/2022 Milad un Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Muhammad)

12/25/2022 Christmas


The dates given for Islamic holidays are calculated according to the lunar calendar and therefore shift from year to year.

During the fasting month of Ramadan, which precedes Eid al-Fitr, Muslims are forbidden to eat, drink or smoke from sunrise to sunset, which causes disruptions or deviations in the normal course of business (including reduced opening hours of shops and authorities) and therefore there may be restrictions for travelers.

Many restaurants outside the hotels are closed during the day, and the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is restricted or e.g. T. even strictly forbidden, even for non-Muslim vacationers. In hotel complexes it must be taken into account that meals and drinks during Ramadan may only be taken in the hotel restaurant or in the room.

Travelers should expect increased sensitivity in religious matters as well as in respect of Islamic traditions.

Some interruptions may also occur during Eid al-Fitr. This festival, like Eid al-Adha, is indefinite and can last from 2-10 days depending on the region.
Duty free shopping


The following items can be imported duty-free into Sudan (people aged 20 and over): 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 450 g of tobacco; perfume or eau de toilette for personal use; other goods for personal use (but not alcohol).

Export Restrictions

Gold may only be exported with official approval.

Import regulations

An import permit is required to import firearms. More information is available from

Prohibited Imports

Israeli goods, alcohol, drugs, fruits and vegetables, pork and pork products, pornographic material and magazines with revealing images (virtually every Western magazine).

Prohibited Exports

Finds from ancient excavation sites, protected plants and animals (including ivory). Further information is available from Sudan Customs.

Contact addresses

Embassy of the Republic of Sudan

Honorary consulates in Bremen and Idstein.

Kurfürstendamm 151
+49 (0)30 890 69 80. Consular Dept.: +49 (0)30 88 71 11 60.

Mon-Fri 09.00-16.00. Consular Dept.: Mon-Fri 09.30-14.00 (telephone information 09.30-12.00).

Embassy of the Republic of Sudan
Reisnerstrasse 29/5
+43 (0)1 710 23 43/44/45.

Mon-Fri 09.00-16.00. Consular Dept.: Mon-Wed 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Embassy of the Republic of Sudan
51 Avenue Blanc, 3ème étage
+41 (0)22 731 26 66. Consular Dept.: (022) 731 74 65.

Mon-Thu 09.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00. Consular Dept.: Mon-Fri 09.30-12.30 (Visa only).


Business etiquette

A light suit or costume is appropriate. The Islamic customs should be observed in the respective regions. A lot of English is spoken in business circles, but every Sudanese business partner would be happy to have a few words of Arabic. Patience and courtesy are appreciated. Business cards should have an Arabic translation on the back.

Opening hours

Business hours: Sat-Thurs 08.00-14.30.

Business contacts

Commercial Department of the Embassy of Sudan Kurfürstendamm 151, D-10709 Berlin Tel: (030) 890 69 80. Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce Lobkowitzplatz 1, A-1015 Vienna Tel: (01) 513 39 65. Internet: Sudan Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) PO Box 81, Khartoum. Tel: (011) 77 23 46. Sudan Development Corporation (SDC) PO Box 710, 21 al-Amarat, Khartoum Tel: (011) 47 21 51.



According to, the country code is 00249. The national telephone company is called Sudatel Telecom Group (Internet: There are public payphones (green phone booths, usually only work during the day). Telephone cards are available from Sudatel branches. International calls can be made easily from major cities and from telephone centers. Internet cafes also offer Internet telephony.

Mobile phone

GSM 900/1800. Sudatel, among others, operates the mobile network (Internet: Roaming contracts exist with mobile phone companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, among others. Reception/transmission range in the larger cities.


Providers such as Sudatel offer mobile surfing on the Internet. Internet cafés are mainly found in the big cities, in rural areas the fees in the individual cafés can be very high.

Post office

Airmail to Europe takes up to a week to arrive. Post office opening hours: Sat-Thurs 08.30-13.00 and 17.30-18.30.


Since the use of shortwave frequencies changes several times over the course of a year, it is advisable to contact Deutsche Welle customer service directly for the current frequencies (Tel: (+49) (0228) 429 32 08. Internet: to request.

Sudan Shopping

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