Sweden in terms of territory is one of the largest countries in Western Europe, almost the same as Spain or France. That is why many people will be surprised to learn that the Swedes are quite a small nation, only about nine million.

The limited population and vast expanses make Sweden one of the least populated countries in Europe.

But it is important to note that almost ninety percent of the Swedish population lives in the south of the country. Norland, which makes up two-thirds of Sweden, has less than a million inhabitants. The rest of the Norland territories are covered by ancient coniferous forests. More than eighty percent of Sweden is almost deserted!

According to top-medical-schools, Sweden is famous for the beauty of its nature, and the Swedes practically idolize it.

The length of the country from north to south reaches almost 1600 kilometers, due to which sharp contrasts of the northern, central and southern parts are visible.

Along Sweden’s stretching coastline there are many unique and diverse areas: in the north, the amazing High Coast, listed as a rare monument protected by UNESCO, then the unsurpassed skerries of Stockholm, Vastervik and St. Anne with tens of thousands of mostly uninhabited islands, islets and skerries. Along the west coast, this chain is completed by a pinkish archipelago that stretches to the Norwegian fiords.

For Swedes, nature is part of their national soul. In Sweden, there is a law rarely found in the world, the so-called general right to free access to nature, which allows all people to freely be in nature, even if it is private property (provided that vacationers are not heard or seen from the window of a residential building in the area). Of course, the main postulate of this right is “freedom subject to responsibility”, a self-evident condition: do not harm nature with garbage left behind, broken branches, careless handling of fire.

Back in 1970, Sweden began to be among the countries zealously trying to preserve and increase their natural wealth. And so the Swedes are sincerely proud that today their air, water, forests are much cleaner than even 20 years ago.

But not only natural heritage is the pride of Sweden. “A country that cares for its citizens from cradle to grave” is a phrase that is often used to characterize Sweden. The Swedish system is peculiar in that society assumes most of the responsibility for providing for citizens, which is traditionally assigned to the family.

Equality is another important principle of Swedish politics. According to him, all people, both women and men, should be economically independent from anyone. It is a fairly important and ambitious principle that men and women, as far as possible, equally share the responsibility for maintaining the family and raising children.

You can talk and write a lot more amazing facts about Sweden. This “small” nation boasts both a cultural heritage, social programs, and high-tech industries associated with intensive research in the field of biomedicine, information technology, in which Sweden is one of the world leaders.

Traveling in Europe: must-sees

Each of us wanted to go on an exciting journey, see amazing places, meet amazing sincere and good-natured people, learn more about the culture and religion of the beautiful cities of Europe. And after tasting exquisite sea delicacies, unforgettable local drinks and treats, you will certainly want to return at least once to one of the best cities in Europe for tourists.

The best places in Europe for tourism

Paris is a city of love and inspiration. Everyone at least once should see its unforgettable landscapes that open from the Eiffel Tower. Get up close and personal with the outstanding artists at the Louvre Museum and, of course, listen to the melodic notes of the bells of Notre Dame Cathedral. Taste the most delicious French buns and stroll through the nightly Paris strewn with thousands of lights.

Let’s go to the aristocratic world of England. London is saturated with thousands of cultures and traditions of a constant flow of tourists. Near his famous Big Ben and the Tower you can always meet a compatriot. And huge fashion stores with world brands beckon girls to buy interesting British souvenirs.

Traveling around Europe, I want to look into every corner of a new country. Take as much time as possible to travel around Italy. Eternally lively Rome will enchant with its spiritual richness. And it’s hard to look away from its great architectural structures. In addition, be sure to set aside a few days for romantic walks along the canals of Venice.

Independent travel in Europe

You can easily discover new interesting distances by easily organizing a trip around Europe by car. It is best for Ukrainians to start an exciting trip from the real heart of the historical architectural and cultural values ​​of the Middle Ages – Lviv. Here you will plunge into a special atmosphere, enjoy the famous sweets and drinks. In addition, be sure to appreciate the view from the High Castle mound.

To visit the place of coronation of dozens of Polish kings – Krakow, means to plunge headlong into the maelstrom of historically important events, to see the beautiful castle on Wawel Hill. Walking along the central square and small long streets, step by step, you will discover new secrets of the old Polish city. Pay special attention to the cathedrals and temples that Krakow is simply crammed with.

Traveling around Europe by bus , you can easily get to Berlin. Parks, museums, buildings and theaters in this city are the real sights of Germany. Modern structures and buildings attract tourists from all over the world. And the huge Zoo will delight you at any time of the year with rare animals and original rules.

Having come a long way in the company of best friends, do not forget to stop by Prague. Impressive panoramas open from the roofs of interesting colored houses. Feel the dignity of the national cuisine of the Czech Republic, relaxing in a friendly small cafe. The taste of the famous beer and meat rolls will create a bewitching pleasant shade, the discoveries will remain in your memory for a long time.


Sweden: a Small Nation in a Big Country
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