Chinese (Mandarin) is the official language. In addition, various dialects such as Taiwanese or southern Chinese Hakka are spoken. Many people speak some English in tourist areas. Taxi drivers generally only speak Chinese.

Public Holidays

01/01/2022 New Year

01/01/2022 Founding Day of the Republic of China

02/01/2022 Chinese New Years Festival

05/01/2022 Labor Day

09/10/2022 Mid-Autumn Festival

10/10/2022 National holiday


[*] These public holidays are calculated according to the lunar calendar and therefore shift from year to year. There may also be slight deviations from the stated date.

Duty free shopping


The following items can be imported into Taiwan duty-free (persons aged 20 and over): 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 500 g of tobacco; 1 bottle (max. 1 l) of alcoholic beverages; perfume for personal use; Items for personal use up to NT$10,000 (used items) and up to NT$20,000 (new items) provided the traveler was more than 30 days from the last visit to Taiwan.

Import Restrictions

Electrical and electronic devices must be declared in writing upon entry. More information is available from

Prohibited Imports

Narcotics and drugs of all kinds (a doctor’s certificate is required if certain medications are required), weapons, ammunition, toy guns, fresh agricultural products (especially fruit) and meat products (fresh and canned), gambling items, slot machines, lottery tickets, counterfeits of all kinds and communist writings and goods manufactured in communist countries. Violations of customs regulations in relation to fruit and meat/meat products invariably result in fines of between €80 and €400.

Contact addresses

Taipei Representation in the Federal Republic of Germany

Further Taipei representations in Frankfurt/M., Hamburg and Munich.

Markgrafenstrasse 35
+49 (0)30 20 36 10.

Mon-Fri 09.00-12.30; by phone: 09.00-17.00.


Business etiquette

Although many business people speak English, an interpreter is sometimes required. Appointments for meetings should be arranged in advance and business cards are customary. Punctuality is expected. Business hours: Mon-Fri 08.30-17.30, Sat 09.00-12.00.

Business contacts

Taipei Trade Office Rheinstrasse 29, D-60325 Frankfurt/MTel: (069) 74 57 20/22. Internet: Berlin branch (Tel: (030) 20 36 13 00). German Economic Bureau Taipei4F, no. 4, Ming-Sheng East Road, Sec. 3, Taipei 104 Tel: (02) 25 06 90 28. Internet: Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vienna Wagramer Strasse 19/11, A-1220 Vienna Tel: (01) 212 47 20. Internet: Taipei Trade OfficeKirchenfeldstrasse 14, CH-3005 BernTel: (031) 352 27 15.Internet: Ministry of Economic Affairs ROC15 Fuzhou Street, Taipei 10015Tel: ( 02) 23 21 2200 Internet: aspTaiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)333 Keelung Road, 5th-7th Floors, Sec. 1, Taipei 110 Tel: (02) 27 25 52 00. Internet:



According to, the country code is 00886. Public telephones from which direct long-distance calls can be made are marked with a yellow sign. For international calls with an international operator you have to dial 100. The public phones can be used with coins or phone cards. The phone cards are available from ATMs and 7-Eleven stores, among others.

Mobile phone

4G (LTE). Network operators include T Star, Chunghwa and Far Eastone. International roaming contracts exist. In most cases, however, it is worth purchasing a Taiwanese prepaid SIM card.


Internet cafes are common. 7-Eleven stores and McDonald’s restaurants offer free wireless Internet access. Tourists and business people can use the “iTaiwan” WiFi hotspots for free. Travelers who wish to use this service can obtain their own account number and password upon presentation of their passport at a local Taiwan Tourism Bureau service counter or visitor center.

Post office

Mail to Europe takes 6-12 days to arrive. The post offices in the larger cities also accept poste restante items. There is a post office in the Taipei World Trade Center.

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