Telia and Our Site-the Merger Now Come to Sealand

The merger of Telia and our site network is slowly on its way to the rest of Zealand, Lolland according to now have enhanced coverage.

Telecommunications companies Telia and our site are started with a common historical project, where two networks must be to a. Often referred to it as the TT-network.

The merger has already happened in several places, and preliminary tests from Lolland are also showing promising rates of the meshed network. Now it is the turn slowly on the way to the other sjællændere. 

-“We are incredibly proud to be able to present to its customers soon for what, there certainly will be Denmark’s most comprehensive network, and in the area around Nakskov on Lolland alone we have e.g. extended the geographical coverage of indoor, with 20 percent in addition to a broader coverage, customers also will feel the difference in the quality of the network-e.g. fewer abandoned calls – as well as more capacity, which gives a much better experience with data , “says Heine Wieben R, network specialist in Telia.

The number of abandoned calls (dropped calls) is reduced by 22 percent, while there is an increase on the indoor coverage at 9 percent. These are just some of the results that have come in Nakskov-area after amalgamation, which Telia has stated in a press release.

The merger of the two networks is controlled by fixed measurements to ensure the customers end up with the best possible network.