The Creators of Android for Cameras Wanted to Create a SO

Android developers had an idea relatively different from what ended up being the operating system. As Andy Rubin has confessed in an economic event in Tokyo, the original idea was that of Android became in the perfect operating system for creating intelligent cameras.

“The same platform and the same operating system that we have developed for cameras It eventually became Android for mobile phones”, said Rubin, who eventually became head of that division when Google bought Android Inc. in August 2005.”
In the event the original company co-founder showed some slides of the initial project with which tried to convince investors in April 2004, and in this presentation There were cameras connected to a PC It acted as a “Android data center”.

However, Rubin and his team realized quickly that the phones had many more possibilities, and its plan of business five months later declared that Android was “a solution Open Source for mobile devices”.

Interestingly, at that time they knew nothing of the iPhone, so the decision was one even greater success. “We decided that the world of digital cameras was not large enough. He was concerned by Microsoft and Symbian, but it was not yet worried about the iPhone”.

In reality, that initial goal reality has finished doing, at least in part: Android-based digital cameras – like the Samsung Galaxy – Camera have appeared gradually, although it does not seem to have curdled in the market.