Thong:Know All About Lingerie Desired More.

The thong is a fashion icon, object of desire among most men. Can be colored, white or black, colour of the skin. Hard one of them resist. The format of the butt is another when the woman wears a thong. They can see as far as “beauty” does not exist. And it has some butts that do not match even with this type of lingerie. But they love, love, if you play them. Women in panties thong RIP sighs definitely.

1. Thong models

Can be a panties of income, a thong, with thin side or until a more well-behaved panties on the front (American models are thus higher in front and a drizzle in the butt). Thong g-string. The front doesn’t matter much.

The back of the thong lingerie is what matters most, both for men who love, as for women (who often hate). There are models and models of this lingerie controversy.

Some follow the American modeling, are bigger in front and a thinner wire behind. The brazilian is not a big fan of them. Who likes a yarn mosey back usually like something smaller in front too, but is a very common model outside of Brazil.

Others are quite, small in front and smaller behind. It is a very thin wire which I leave the whole butt exposed. The disadvantage of this model is that it does not do miracles. Not every butt that looks good. Women with hips wider and even a bigger butt feel a little uncomfortable with this thong model.

A model that the brazilian woman really likes is the one that covers a part of the butt. This model favours the all. The butt is slightly covered. Some women find this sleazy model, in addition to being comfortable. Many use on a daily basis, including to work out.

An advantage of this type of thong is that it does not brand under the clothes, especially the lace panties and those of double wire.

A third model of thong is one that covers a good part of the butt and, only in the bottom is less, it’s a kind of well, Hello there or more trough running shorts. Also dropped in the taste of women, especially because of the comfort that he gives. Can also be worn underneath the clothes.

2. colors of panties thong

The colors are not a unanimous vote, especially in Brazil, which is a tropical country, where the colors have a big importance on fashion.

Black is a universal passion, it’s true. but the Red panties thong has your place in the imaginary male, although women have more sophisticated deep aversion to her!

The lace panties in color are present in almost every lingerie drawers, according to weddinginfashion. Combine with everything and don’t score under the clothes, are true wild cards.

The stamped panties of poĆ”, floral, geometric prints, stripes, all follow the prints of the fashion world and also don’t much like.

3. Ways to use

There are two basic objectives when it comes to the thong. The first of these is to show. Many women enjoy wearing a thong showing. They find interesting using a tights, or between tissue and let the brand of underwear showing. Well, talk about the motivation of people is a bit complicated, I prefer not to judge anyone.

But no one can deny that it’s something that attracts the male looks, right?

Who doesn’t want to show, usually want to hide. And like I said, some models thong are great for use with tight clothes, fabric, because they can be well out of sight. Is a great way to bring the look and be beautiful at the same time.

4. Care of the FLOSS

Wearing a thong can be a passion of many women, but it’s worth taking some care:

  • Avoid use if you are pregnant:the friction she offers can promote the proliferation of bacteria, to which pregnant women are more subject.
  • Avoid using to work out: the friction and sweat can bring infectious diseases.
  • Avoid use when menstruating:your little coverage can cause embarrassing situations.

And you, enjoy the lingerie thong?