US 421 in Kentucky

US 421
Get started cranks
End Milton
Length 254 mi
Length 409 km











According to ablogtophone, US 421 is a US Highway in the US state of Kentucky. The road forms a diagonal north-south route through the east and center of the state, from the Virginia border through Lexington and Frankfort to the Indiana border. US 421 is 409 kilometers long in Kentucky.

Travel directions

US 421 in Frankfurt.

US 421 in Virginia comes from Bristol and leads through the Appalachian Mountains. The route is winding and single lane as far as Lexington and of no major through importance. From Richmond to Lexington , US 421 joins US 25, paralleling Interstate 75. The road then heads northwest to Frankfort, where it intersects Interstate 64. The route then takes a secondary and winding route to Milton on the Ohio River. US 421 in Indiana continues toward Indianapolis.


US 421 was created in 1931 but did not become Kentucky until 1950 when the route was extended to Bedford, Kentucky and ended on US 42 for a year before extending it further into Indiana, creating the current route in Kentucky. came about. While US 421 is the most direct route from Lexington to Indianapolis, it has not been used as much since the completion of I-74 and I-75, as US 421 is mostly single-lane and winding. The Milton-Madison Bridge over the Ohio River opened to traffic in 1929. This was a toll bridge until 1947.

Between 2010 and 2014, the Milton-Madison Bridge over the Ohio River was replaced by a new bridge. The old bridge was in poor condition and has been demolished. The new bridge was opened on June 3, 2013 on temporary bridge piers and was slid into place on April 9-10, 2014.

US 431 in Kentucky

US 431
Get started Adairville
End Owensboro
Length 85 mi
Length 137 km


Central City



According to beautyphoon, US 431 is a US Highway in the US state of Kentucky. The road forms a north-south route from the Tennessee border to Owensboro and is 137 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 68/US 431 at Russellville.

US 431 in Tennessee comes from Springfield and heads north, between two parkways, namely the Natcher Parkway to the east and the Pennyrile Parkway to the west. The route passes through Russellville and crosses the Western Kentucky Parkway at Central City. The route is mainly single-lane and leads through hilly areas. At Owensboro, US 431 ends at US 60 which forms the highway around Owensboro.


US 431 was not created until 1954 and has formed the current route in Kentucky ever since. Since the parallel I-65 and Natcher Parkway had been built since the 1960s, the route did not have a through function for long.

US 460 in Kentucky

US 460
Get started Frankfurt
End mouth card
Length 210 mi
Length 338 km

George Town


Mount Sterling


West Liberty






US 460 is a US Highway in the US state of Kentucky. The road forms an east-west route through the center and east of the state, from the state capital Frankfort via Pikeville to the Virginia border. US 460 is 338 kilometers long in Kentucky.

Travel directions

US 460 follows a somewhat secondary route in Kentucky, as most of the route can be completed on either freeways, or is double-numbered with other US Highways. The route begins in the capital city of Frankfort, northwest of Lexington, and curves through Mount Sterling into the Appalachian Mountains. US 460 runs parallel to the Mountain Parkway. From Salyersville to Paintsville, US 460 handles through traffic, after which the route becomes a divided highway with 2×2 lanes and double-numbered with US 23 to Pikeville, turning east to the Virginia border. US 460 is the easternmost US Highway in Kentucky. US 460 in Virginia then continues to Bluefield.


US 460 was created in 1934 and then ran only in Virginia. In 1947, the route to St. Louis was extended and shortened to Frankfort in 1977. US 460 has never been of major transit importance because of alternate routes.

On December 18, 2014, a 13-mile stretch of freeway opened south of Pikeville, between US 23 and KY-195. This section is temporarily numbered as State Route 3174.

US 460 is being developed in eastern Kentucky as the Corridor Q of the Appalachian Development Highway System. It should connect to the Coalfields Expressway in Virginia. The second phase from Elkhorn City to the Virginia state line will open to traffic on November 16, 2020.


In Pike County in eastern Kentucky, a four-mile section of US 460 is under construction on a new route between KY-195 and Elkhorn City. This was part of Corridor Q of the Appalachian Development Highway System, but did not open concurrently with the Virginia border stretch in 2020.

US 641 in Kentucky

US 641
Get started hazel
End marion
Length 70 mi
Length 113 km





US 641 is a US Highway in the US state of Kentucky. The road forms a north-south route from the Tennessee border through Eddyville to Marion and is 113 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 641 in Fredonia.

US 641 in Tennessee comes from Paris and heads north through the town of Murray, after which the road is a 2×2 lane divided highway to Benton. From Benton, US 641 parallels Purchase Parkway and then Interstate 24. From Eddyville, the single-lane route heads north to US 60 in Marion, where the route ends.


US 641 was created in 1955 and ended up at Henderson at the time. In 1972, the northern terminus was changed to US 60 in Marion. In the 1970s, I-24 was built parallel to the middle section of US 641.

US 641 in Kentucky

US 421, 431, 460 and 641 in Kentucky
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