What’s New in Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)

Yesterday Google launched a new version for its mobile operating system, Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), and he began to upgrade some of your Nexus devices to this latest version that despite being one minor update adds new and important features.

USB debugging security

The first is that if we have USB debugging enabled to connect your device to a computer we allow to use debugging from that computer. If the computer is trusted we can add it to a whitelist so that you remember it and no more ask us.

This safety measure will try to prevent people outside PC programs can access personal information without our consent or make a copy of all data from the device by using the tools of development and debugging that offers Google, since earlier versions can be used with the locked screen. Now if you are connecting to an unknown computer would have to unlock the device screen (knowing the password, etc.) and allow for that computer debugging.

If the connection is not allowed would appear the device offline from the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) tool and you may not access or make a backup copy of the data from the device, nor that you could unlock the bootloader in order to change the ROM of the device.

Remaining time in Google Play downloads

Another novelty is that in the notifications area it will show the remaining time remaining to the end by downloading an application from Google Play. So if we are in a hurry we can see if gives us time to application download or not.

Switches in the quick settings

The latest addition is that they have improved the quick adjustment bar, premiered in Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), to add switches on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons. If you press with a normal press access as always your settings but if we keep them down for a few seconds the button will react as a switch, on or off those signals.

At the moment are these three developments that have detected, along with some changes in sound system, such as low battery, and the correction of bugs, as the Bluetooth A2DP cuts, improvements in performance and battery.