Windows Phone 8.1 Peeks at Photo-or What?

Do you look forward to Windows Phone 8.1? So you might be able to get an idea of the home screen via a leaked image that abound on the net.

The real thing, an intercompany accounting or a falsum?

An image of a Windows Phone home screen on our site has been started in the speculation.

The author of the post claims that the image is pulled out of an SD card and asks at the same time, if there is a question about Windows Phone 8 mon GDR3 General Distribution Release (3) or, where applicable, the 8.1 version.

The picture shows a notification center and a common inbox for Skype and Outlook.

One can also wonder whether the detail with a text in the background of the image, which sounds somewhat with “Microsoft Confidential, is located on purpose-and whether it should count as an argument for or against authenticity.